I am an internationally renowned artist and photographer. I created Flying Spirit Creations after my Spanish horse Spirit was stolen in 2011 and never seen again.

I offer photo shoots tailored to your requirements, whether to produce hight quality prints or as source material for original art works as I am also an established artist. I produce sensitive portraits of your horses (my favourite subject are Iberians, my passion), dogs, cats, birds and other pets plus cars, aircraft and motorbikes. In the equine world I also work as a commercial photographer and have experienced the pleasure of being chosen to produce high quality images for stud and sales publicity material for some big names including Big Star, Cassionato, Murka's Gem and Je T'aime Flamenco.

I will tailor your photography session to suit your needs. From stud card and sales photos to fantasy outfits with your horse, beach shoots, ridden and at liberty at sites of your choice. My aim is to create stunning high quality images and lasting memories of you and your horse. Let your imagination run wild!!!

Flying Spirit Creations is dedicate to Spirit, my Andalusian x gelding that was stolen in 2011. The search for him is still going strong. He has left a huge hole in my heart. www.findspirit.co.uk