I aim to give you the best possible photo shoot experience and to do this your shoot needs some planning from both of us. Below, I will outline some of the things that we need to discuss and decide on to get some amazing results in your photos.

Your horse

Your horse is your pride and joy and we want to show him at his absolute best. Consider what it is that you want from your shoot. Do you have a theme in mind or would you like to stick to casual? There is a wide range of tack out there to show your horse off. Have a few things available for us to use. Perhaps a bridle, a leather headcollar and a show halter to use throughout the shoot. We can choose whichever best fits your outfit. Please make sure your horse is comfortable in whatever tack you choose you use before the shoot. You may choose for your horse to wear a rug or a saddle. It is entirely up to you. Your horse needs to be thoroughly groomed although it's up to you if he is in his winter woollies, clipped, summer coat, plaited or natural. Please contact me to discuss if you aren't sure.

Your dog

Dogs are a little easier than horses to prepare for a shoot. You have a choice of collars, harnesses and clothing. Whatever you would prefer. Give your dog a nice bath and make him look clean and shiny and he is good to go!


Again this is purely down to personal taste and what you want out of your photos. You may have a theme in mind like medieval, wedding, ballet etc or you may just want casual. I always suggest glamour for one of your outfits though. Even if it means you step out of your comfort zone the results will be well worth it! The last thing you may think of wearing around your horse or dog is a ball gown or wedding dress but throw caution to the wind and you will be surprised at how fantastic the photos will be. With a family shoot just wear what you are comfortable in unless you have that theme in mind. Use your imagination and please don't hesitate to contact me to discuss your ideas.